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Anagram generator is a tool that shuffles the order of letters to form words automatically. All you have to do is input your words and anagram generator gives you multiple anagrams for it. It doesn’t matter the length or type of word, our anagram generator will take care of it. 

What is an Anagram?

An anagram is a word or phrase that can be converted into new words just by shuffling them. Some strict definition of anagram says that the new word has the same number of letters as the original word. For example “silent” is an anagram of “listen”, and the eyes are an anagram of “they see”.

Graphic illustrating the concept of an anagram with text: 'An anagram is formed by rearranging letters to create a new word or phrase. For instance, 'listen' becomes 'silent' in an anagram.

Different types of anagrams differentiate them. However, many games include anagrams like Scrabble, spelling bee, boggle, and words with friends, etc. You can read more about Anagrams here.

Features of Anagram Generator

An anagram generator which is also known as an anagram solver typically takes a word or phrase as input and rearranges its letters to form new words or phrases. Many benefits and purposes of anagrams make them used all around the world. Key features might include:

  • Word length: You have the option to select the minimum and maximum word lengths that the generator should produce. It comes in quite handy when looking for words that are a certain length.
  • Dictionary: An integrated dictionary is included with Anagram Generator. This implies that you have the option to verify a word’s validity before creating anagrams.
  • Meaning of the word: This tool also allows you to determine the meaning of a word. If you are having trouble locating the correct word in a word game, this can be of great assistance.
  • Input flexibility: it can input single words, sentences, or phrases. There is no limit on word count in this anagram generator tool. Your words could be 3 letters to 13 letters. 
  • Easy to use: This tool is very simple and easy to use. Anybody and everybody can use this tool without paying a single dime. 
  • Reliable and safe

When you’re done, everything you’ve ever saved will be immediately erased. No user data is stored by our free online tool. Thus, it is reliable and risk-free.

  • Accurate and high-quality

Our free tool can complete the task in a matter of seconds. Quickly generates words using inputted letters. Quick and accurate findings are guaranteed.

Examples of Anagram

There are many examples of anagrams; some are listed below

  • mile – lime
  • leap – pale
  • trap – part
  • tide – diet
  • eleven plus two – twelve plus one
  • debit card – bad credit
  • astronomer – moon starer
  • schoolmaster – the classroom
  • The eyes: “They see”
  • Conversation: “Voices rant on”
  • Funeral: “Real fun”
  • Dormitory: “Dirty room”

How to Use the Anagram Generator Tool 

An Anagram generator tool or anagram solver is the simplest way to create anagrams where you can use this anagram for Scrabble and words with friends. Sure, here are four steps to use an anagram generator tool or anagram solver.

Visual representation of the six-step procedure for utilizing an anagram generator tool, ideal for enhancing wordplay in games such as Scrabble or Words with Friends.
  • Step 1. Enter the word or phrase you want to find anagrams for into the provided field.
  • Step 2. Click the “Generate” or “Find Anagrams” button to let the tool create a list of possible anagrams.
  • Step 3. Examine the list of generated anagrams to find words or phrases that interest you.
  • Step 4. Choose the anagram that suits your needs or purpose, whether for fun, creativity, or problem-solving.


Are There Any Rules for Making Anagrams?

The procedures for creating anagrams are simple. Make sure that you don’t miss any letters and use the same term or phrase as the original.

Do I need to pay for this anagram solver?

Our anagram solver doesn’t cost anything. It’s free and reliable to use.

Does the Anagram Generator work on PCs and laptops?

Yes. No matter what device you’re using, our online Anagram Generator will work. From any computer or laptop, you may access this free tool and apply it to your website.

Will this tool save my data to the server?

No user information is stored by our free online Anagram Generator. There is zero risk when using it. Quickly after a user uploads anything to our site, it is erased from our cloud. 

How are anagrams used in crossword puzzles?

Anagrams in crossword puzzles require rearranging letters to create new words or phrases matching the clues. It adds an extra layer of challenge to solving the puzzle.

Can names be anagrams too?

Absolutely! Names can also be anagrammed. You can create a new name by rearranging the letters of a name, just like you do with words and phrases.” for example, I am a weakish speller, which is an anagram of William Shakespeare.”

What other tools do you have?

On our website, we have many tools like Anagram Generator, Pangram Solver, and some more. you can find all the available tools on our site menu or sitemap, we also keep updating our users via Updates Page so make sure to keep visiting the page.