Country Name Anagrams – Complete Continent-wise Compilation

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NameAnagramGrammatical FormMeaning
RussiaAriussNounA type of bird or animal
ChinaAnchiNounA type of plant or flower
IndiaDaniiProper NounA male name
KazakhstanAsakanza TinNoun + NounA type of dance or performance, a metal container
Saudi ArabiaBraid AiueasVerb + NounTo intertwine strands of hair, a type of garment or clothing
IranRaniNounA queen or princess
MongoliaAngoli NomNoun + NounA type of food or dish, a nom de plume or pen name
IndonesiaInodesianAdjectiveRelating to a type of plant or flower
PakistanKapistanNounA type of hat or headgear
TurkeyYurketNounA type of dwelling or shelter
MyanmarMyanrraNounA type of dance or performance
AfghanistanAtinghanfasNounA type of tool or instrument
YemenMeeynNounA type of bird or animal
ThailandHildanatNounA female name
TurkmenistanTanutsmernkiNounA type of plant or flower
UzbekistanBitzaunestNounA type of shelter or nest
IraqAqirAdjectiveRelating to a type of liquid or substance
JapanPajanNounA type of clothing or garment
VietnamAmintevNounA type of musical instrument or device
MalaysiaSayamaliNounA type of plant or flower
OmanAmonNounA type of bird or animal
PhilippinesHipenslipnVerbTo move or glide quickly
LaosSaloNounA type of food or dish
KyrgyzstanTarkzysgynNounA type of tool or weapon
SyriaAirysNounA type of bird or animal
CambodiaAbacdiomNounA type of educational device or tool
BangladeshHandebsaglNounA type of bag or container
NepalAlepnNounA type of plant or flower
TajikistanTaijkiantsNounA type of insect or bug
North KoreaKoanrhrtoeVerbTo make a loud noise or sound
South KoreaOkrarthouseNounA type of building or structure
JordanJorandNounA type of fabric or material
United Arab EmiratesDeterminauabiersNounA type of device or tool
AzerbaijanZiaraenbauNounA type of building or structure
GeorgiaAorgegiNounA type of plant or flower
Sri LankaAkinslraNounA type of food or dish
EgyptGypteNounA type of bird or animal
BhutanAhnbutNounA type of plant or flower
TaiwanAiwantNounA type of desire or want
ArmeniaAerminaNounA type of plant or flower
IsraelAerlisNounA type of bird or animal
KuwaitAkuitwNounA type of plant or flower
East TimorAtomisterNounA type of device or tool
QatarAqtarNounA type of liquid or substance
LebanonBalneonNounA type of building or structure
CyprusYprucsNounA type of plant or flower
PalestineAntisepelNounA type of medical substance or treatment
BruneiUrnbeiNounA type of container or vessel
Hong Kong (China)Hog Kong ChinNoun + Noun + NounA type of animal, a region or area, a nationality
BahrainBahrniaNounA type of plant or flower
SingaporeErgopinesNounA type of tool or device
MaldivesMasdvileNounA type of building or structure
NameAnagramGrammatical FormMeaning
NigeriaGaining IreVerb + NounTo acquire or provoke anger or irritation
EthiopiaA Thief PotNoun + NounA container used by a thief
EgyptGypsyNounA nomadic or free-spirited person
DR CongoRoc GondNoun + NounA legendary giant bird, a type of tree
TanzaniaA Zani AntAdjective + NounA crazy or bizarre ant
South AfricaFaucio ThirstNoun + NounA device that quenches thirst
KenyaYankeVerbTo pull or snatch forcibly
UgandaA Dang GuInterjection + NounAn expression of surprise, a Chinese spirit
SudanSanduNounA type of beach or sandy area
AlgeriaLargely AirAdverb + NounTo a great extent, the atmospheric gases
MoroccoComoroNounAn island country in the Indian Ocean
AngolaAnalogNounSomething that is similar or comparable to another thing
GhanaHang AVerb + ArticleTo suspend or execute someone, the indefinite article
MozambiqueMaze QuiboNoun + NounA complex network of paths, a type of tropical fruit
MadagascarDearMagmaAdjective + NounBeloved or cherished, molten rock
Ivory CoastVorticyNounA whirling or circular motion
CameroonCame CornVerb + NounTo arrive, a cereal grain
NigerRing ENoun + LetterA circular object, the letter “E”
MaliMailNounA system for sending letters and parcels
Burkina FasoFaro KubinNoun + NounA type of lighthouse or signal tower, a type of bird
MalawiAwailiNounA type of Hawaiian garland or lei
ZambiaBiz AmaNoun + NounBusiness, a type of Japanese mother
ChadDachNounA shelter or cover for a car or other vehicle
SomaliaAmos AliProper Noun + Proper NounA male name, a male name
SenegalLeans GeVerb + AbbreviationTo incline or lean, a common abbreviation
ZimbabweBizarre MowAdjective + VerbStrange or eccentric, to cut grass
GuineaUneingVerbThe act of becoming one or unified
RwandaDawrunNounA type of small bird or songbird
BeninBinenNounA type of plant or tree
BurundiBun RudiNoun + Proper NounA small bread roll, a male name
TunisiaSunitaProper NounA female name
South SudanSou Stuck HandNoun + Adjective + NounA type of food or dish, stuck or trapped, a body part
TogoGoo TNoun + LetterA sticky or gooey substance, the letter “T”
Sierra LeoneEerie SaloneAdjective + NounStrange or creepy, a type of hairstyle or salon
LibyaBalyiNounA type of bird or animal
Republic of the CongoThough Fire Prince Co.Conjunction + Noun + Noun + AbbreviationHowever, a blaze or fire, a monarch, a company
Central African RepublicClean Ficarci Repunt RatAdjective + Noun + Noun + NounTidy or spotless, a type of plant or fruit, a type of reptile, a rodent
LiberiaBiliareAdjectiveRelating to bile or the liver
MauritaniaHumanitariNounA person who is concerned with human welfare
EritreaEraitreNounA type of plant or flower
GambiaBig AmaAdjective + NounLarge or substantial, a type of Japanese mother
BotswanaBasowantVerbTo desire or want something
NamibiaBianimaNounA type of living organism or creature
GabonBagonNounA type of bag or container
LesothoShoot ElVerb + NounTo discharge a projectile, a male name or abbreviation
Guinea-BissauUsuagibinsseNounA type of plant or herb
Equatorial GuineaQuintaegeaurolNounA type of chemical compound or substance
MauritiusMarmitusNounA type of cooking vessel or container
EswatiniWest AniNoun + NounA direction or location, a type of Japanese animation
DjiboutiBoudji ItVerb + PronounTo sulk or pout, the pronoun “it”
ComorosCoors MoNoun + AbbreviationA type of beer or beverage, a common abbreviation
Cape VerdeCadee VerpNoun + VerbA type of military rank or title, to veer or swerve
Western SaharaAstronew HearsAdjective + VerbNew or recent, to perceive sound
São Tomé and PríncipeAtom Périnéa PinceNoun + Noun + NounA small particle, a type of medical condition, a type of tool or instrument
SeychellesCheyls ElseNoun + AdverbA type of bird or animal, otherwise or alternatively
NameAnagramGrammatical FormMeaning
United StatesDustine TatesNoun + NounA type of powder or fine particle, rates or taxes
MexicoComic ExNoun + AbbreviationA humorous person or publication, an abbreviation for “example”
CanadaAa DancedInterjection + VerbAn exclamation, to move rhythmically
GuatemalaTamale GutNoun + NounA type of Mexican dish, the digestive system
HaitiHia ItInterjection + PronounA casual greeting, the pronoun “it”
Dominican RepublicUnbicornidcapmlreiNounA type of mythical creature or animal
CubaBucaNounA type of food or dish
HondurasHudsranoNounA type of dance or performance
NicaraguaInargacuraNounA type of plant or flower
El SalvadorAdores VallVerb + NounTo love or admire greatly, a valley or valley
Costa RicaCasi CortaAdjective + VerbAlmost or nearly, to cut or shorten
PanamaMan PaaNoun + NounAn adult male, a type of footwear
Puerto RicoRecupero ItoVerb + NounTo recover or regain, a type of bird or animal
JamaicaJamaicAdjectiveRelating to the island of Jamaica
Trinidad and TobagoBadgino Trait No.AddNoun + Noun + Abbreviation + VerbA type of insignia or badge, a characteristic, a number, to add or combine
BahamasBahamasNounA group of islands in the Caribbean
BelizeBleeizVerbTo bleed or leak
GuadeloupePedal GougeVerb + NounTo operate a pedal, a deep cut or groove
MartiniqueQuaint EmirAdjective + NounCharming or picturesque, a ruler or leader
BarbadosBard SoabNoun + NounA poet or singer, a type of soap or cleaner
CuraçaoCauca OroNoun + NounA type of plant or flower, gold
Saint LuciaTauist CinalNoun + NounA follower of Taoism, a type of canal or waterway
GrenadaAge DarnNoun + InterjectionA period of time, an expression of frustration
ArubaBauraNounA type of plant or flower
Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesScientistvenstardenneagvidNounA person who studies science
United States Virgin IslandsDisuniteldisvagrintsnalesidVerbTo separate or divide
Antigua and BarbudaBidaguantadanubraNounA type of auction or bidding process
DominicaIdiomcnaNounA language or dialect
Cayman IslandsSadislanymcnaAdjective + NounUnhappy or gloomy, a group of islands
BermudaBedmaruNounA type of bed or sleeping area
GreenlandGlandneerNounA type of gland or organ
Saint Kitts and NevisSkittentvisadsnVerbTo move quickly or skip
Turks and Caicos IslandsSantucidaiclskronsidsNounA type of religious or spiritual practice
Sint MaartenStriatmennNounA type of pattern or design
Saint MartinAnimstrtaNounA type of animal or creature
British Virgin IslandsShirtbivinslandsgridNounA type of garment or clothing
Caribbean NetherlandsHanitnrbcledseeratnaNounA type of plant or flower
AnguillaAagllinuNounA type of fish or sea creature
Saint BarthélemySmytebahartnleNounA type of plant or flower
Saint Pierre and MiquelonQuietenpisaredrmaonlnVerbTo become quiet or silent
MontserratAttermnosNounA type of plant or flower
NameAnagramGrammatical FormMeaning
BrazilZai BirlInterjection + NounAn exclamation of surprise, a type of bird
ColombiaBacon MoilNoun + VerbA cured meat product, to soil or make dirty
ArgentinaGnat Ire NeraNoun + Noun + AdjectiveA small insect, anger or irritation, near or close
PeruRupeNounA coin or unit of currency
VenezuelaZanvuleecNounA type of plant or flower
ChileHilecNounA type of building or structure
EcuadorEucadorNounA type of tree or plant
BoliviaViola BiNoun + AdjectiveA type of stringed instrument, having two parts
ParaguayYara GaupNoun + NounA type of plant or flower, a gap or opening
UruguayGray UruAdjective + NounHaving a gray color, a type of bird or animal
GuyanaAngy AuAdjective + NounAngry or irritated, a type of unit or measurement
SurinameSea MurinNoun + NounA body of water, a type of rodent
French Guiana (France)FranciuneghiaadNounA type of dance or performance
Falkland Islands (UK)LisdnkfalnkauNounA type of list or directory

NameAnagramGrammatical FormMeaning
RussiaArias UsNoun PhraseArias (a type of song) for us
UkraineInure AkeVerb, NounTo accustom, a small headstream
FranceCaner FeNoun, NounOne who cans, a fee or charge
SpainPainsNounPhysical sufferings or torments
SwedenWednesNounThe fourth day of the week
GermanyGermanyNounA European country
FinlandFin LandNoun PhraseA land with fins or boundaries
NorwayWay NorNoun, AdverbA path or route, in a northern direction
PolandPad LonVerb, NounTo walk heavily, a London area
ItalyTilt AyVerb, AffirmativeTo incline or lean, yes or affirmative
United KingdomUndenied MikrotAdjective, NounNot denied, a small unit of measurement
RomaniaAir MonaNoun, Proper NounThe invisible gaseous substance, A female name
BelarusBares LuVerb, PronounTo uncover or expose, You (informal)
KazakhstanHas Zak TainVerb, Proper Noun, NounPresent tense of ‘have’, A male name, A stain or blemish
GreeceCere GeVerb, AbbreviationTo wax or cover with wax, An abbreviation for ‘Georgia’
BulgariaGab LuriVerb, NounTo talk idly or incessantly, A member of an Iranian ethnic group
IcelandAce LindNoun, VerbA playing card or expert, To expose to air
HungaryUgh NaryExclamation, AdjectiveAn expression of disgust or horror, Negative or denying
PortugalLug Trap OrVerb, Noun, ConjunctionTo carry or move with difficulty, A device for catching, Or (a conjunction)
AustriaAri TausNoun, NounA Hebrew name, Constellations or star clusters
Czech RepublicCurb Cliche ZipVerb, Noun, NounTo restrain or control, A trite phrase or expression, A postal code
SerbiaBares IVerb, PronounTo uncover or expose, I (a pronoun)
IrelandLair DenNoun, NounA den or resting place, A small valley or basin
LithuaniaAilur ThinNoun, AdjectiveA type of primate, Slim or slender
LatviaAit LavNoun, NounA small island, Lava (molten rock)
Svalbard (Norway)Sav Baldry NormalVerb, Adjective, AdjectiveTo save or rescue, Bald or lacking hair, Normal or typical
CroatiaCoir CatNoun, NounA coarse fiber or yarn, A small feline
Bosnia and HerzegovinaAdherezinbance Obias SonVerb Phrase, Proper Noun, NounTo stick firmly, A male name, A male child
SlovakiaAsia Klv OkNoun, Abbreviation, AffirmativeThe largest continent, An abbreviation, Okay or affirmative
EstoniaNo AteisAdverb, NounNo or negation, One who denies the existence of God
DenmarkDank MerAdjective, NounUnpleasantly moist or humid, The sea or ocean
NetherlandsTrends HalelNoun, AdjectiveCurrent styles or vogues, Permitted or lawful
SwitzerlandWiz ChristiansNoun, NounAn expert or skilled person, Followers of Christianity
MoldovaOdd Lam OvAdjective, Noun, PrepositionStrange or peculiar, A young sheep, Of or about
BelgiumGum BileNoun, NounA sticky substance, A bitter digestive fluid
AlbaniaAil BanaVerb, NounTo cause pain or discomfort, A type of banana
North MacedoniaHandcart MinroeNoun, NounA small cart pulled by hand, A male name
TurkeyTyre KuNoun, AbbreviationA rubber covering for a wheel, An abbreviation for ‘Kosova’
SloveniaVine SolaNoun, AdjectiveA climbing plant, Alone or solitary
MontenegroErgon MentoNoun, NounA unit of work or energy, A mentor or guide
KosovosokovAdverb, NounIn that manner or degree, A Russian village
AzerbaijanAzer Zain BuProper Noun, Noun, AdjectiveA male name, A type of grain, Beautiful or attractive
TransnistriaTrains Tris AnNoun, Verb, Indefinite ArticleVehicles on rails, To make a trisyllabic word, An or a (indefinite article)
GeorgiaAgo GeriAdverb, NounIn the past or previously, A type of fur or fabric
LuxembourgGum Lober XuNoun, Noun, NounA sticky substance, One who lobs or throws, A Chinese urban area
Åland (Finland)And Alan FlåConjunction, Proper Noun, NounAnd (a conjunction), A male name, A type of flake or scale
Faroe Islands (Denmark)Far Liaison Dens MeadAdverb, Noun, Noun, NounAt a great distance, A close bond or connection, Dens or lairs, A fermented honey drink
Isle of Man (UK)Foil Ens ManaVerb, Noun, NounTo prevent or frustrate, Plural of ‘en’, A supernatural power or influence
AndorraAdora AnVerb, Indefinite ArticleTo worship or adore, An or a (indefinite article)
MaltaAtm LaAbbreviation, AdverbAutomated Teller Machine, There or in that place
LiechtensteinLien Ethic StentNoun, Noun, NounA legal claim or charge, A set of moral principles, A tube inserted into a vessel or duct
Jersey (UK)Jeer YsVerb, NounTo mock or deride, Plural of ‘y’ or a vowel
Guernsey (UK)Grey Uns EuAdjective, Noun, AbbreviationA color between black and white, Plural of ‘un’, An abbreviation for ‘European Union’
San MarinoNaan MirosNoun, NounA type of leavened bread, Odors or scents
Gibraltar (UK)Glib Airt RatAdjective, Noun, NounFluent and voluble, An artistic composition, A rodent
MonacoMacon ONoun, InterjectionA city in France, An exclamation expressing surprise or emotion
Vatican CityAcity VantiNoun, VerbA city or town, To boast or brag
AbkhaziaBaha KizaNoun, NounA type of religion or faith, A girl’s name
South OssetiaHuts Oso TasiaNoun, Noun, NounSmall buildings or shelters, A bear, A region in Asia
Akrotiri and Dhekelia (UK)Heat Arial Kid Chorki LandNoun, Adjective, Noun, Noun, NounThermal energy, Relating to the air or atmosphere, A child, A type of dance, A tract of ground
ArmeniaAmen RiaInterjection, NounA word expressing solemn ratification, A female name
CyprusCurs PyNoun, AbbreviationA derogatory term for a person, An abbreviation for ‘Python’
Greenland (Denmark)Hanger Eel Lardened MnNoun, Noun, Verb, AbbreviationA device for suspending things, A type of fish, To add lard or fat to, An abbreviation for ‘Manganese’
Northern CyprusRot Schrei Punk YenVerb, Noun, Noun, NounTo decay or decompose, A loud, piercing cry, A young, inexperienced person, The Japanese currency

AustraliaAlai TrustNoun PhraseA trust established with good intentions
Papua New GuineaUpanga Pen WeanGuiNoun PhraseA pen used to wean a young animal called a gui
Western New GuineaSerenew Went Ruin GageVerb PhraseTo gauge or assess the ruin that serenity went through
New ZealandZane Lend WeeVerb PhraseZane should lend a small or wee amount
HawaiiHaw AiiNoun PhraseA haw or small fruit from the hawthorn tree
FijiJi FiAdjective NounA fi or wise person
Solomon IslandsSolo Sad Limon InnNoun PhraseA solitary and sad lemon-themed inn
VanuatuAtu VaunNounA vaun or small hill
French PolynesiaHerons Fly Nice PanNoun PhraseHerons flying nicely in a pan
New CaledoniaLean Aced Cow NinVerb PhraseA cow that leanly aced or excelled in something
SamoaAmos ANounA person named Amos
GuamGaumNounA variant spelling of the word “gam” meaning a social gathering
KiribatiIti RabikAdjective NounA rabik or small creature that is iti or tiny
MicronesiaMicro Seine IsaNoun PhraseA micro or small seine (fishing net) used by someone named Isa
TongaGnat ONoun PhraseA gnat or small insect
Northern Mariana IslandsSonar Theft Iranian Lands MindNoun PhraseSonar used to detect theft in Iranian lands, distracting the mind
American SamoaCanaries Mama OoNoun PhraseCanaries (birds) belonging to a mama making an “oo” sound
Marshall IslandsHardlismal SlainAdjective NounA hardlismal or extremely difficult slain or killed person/thing
PalauAlu PaNoun PhraseAn alu or wooden dish and a pa or parent
Cook IslandsCookin LandsVerb NounThe act of cooking in lands
NauruRaun UNoun PhraseA raun or small stream and the letter U
Wallis and FutunaWallis FunAtud AnNoun PhraseWallis having fun with aatud (a type of plant) and an unspecified thing
TuvaluAtu LuvNoun PhraseAn atu or small hill that one loves (luv)
Easter IslandEats Rail SdenVerb PhraseEats or consumes a rail (transportation) in a sden or small den
NiueUe NiNoun PhraseA ue or youthful Scottish expression and the word “ni”
TokelauAuto KaleNoun PhraseAn auto or car and kale (a leafy vegetable)
Pitcairn IslandsPricisant Lands IAdjective Noun PhrasePricisant or extremely precise lands that I (the speaker) is referring to