Mastering Scrabble: Tips and Tricks To Win EVERY Time

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Playing Scrabble is not rocket science (yes, I have checked with NASA). Just because you aren’t born with a genius doesn’t mean you can’t become a SCRABBLE master. To succeed, all you need to know are the key elements and legitimate ways to cheat.

Two to four people can play Scrabble, a game equivalent to a crossword puzzle. Words can be formed horizontally or vertically using the seven-letter tiles that each player receives from a rack. A specific value and distribution are assigned to each letter.

Despite its seeming lack of complexity, Scrabble is quite strategic. You need to be quick on your feet and make the most of whatever you can, including the letters you have, any bonuses you may receive, and any openings that present themselves. If you want to win, here are some ways to do it. Even though there is probably more to learn about SCRABBLE, I hope these pointers bring you closer to being a master player. 

Avoid Using The Central Square For A Common Letter

According to the guidelines, each player must first randomly select a tile. Whoever has the letter nearest to A gets to go first and has the extra benefit of using the center star, which is also a double-word score. But, if you use a vowel, S, D, R, or T, the following player will have an easier time reaching the triple-word scores at the edges.

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  1. Seek Out Some “Hot Spots.”

You can find “hot spots,” also known as bonus squares, by planning and searching for jumping-off points. The Scrabble website states, “One triple word score can make or break a game.” For the maximum benefit, pair it with a high-value letter such as Q, Z, J, X, or K.

Look For Hooks

An example would be the change from LUSH to BLUSH or COME to COMET. The points of the new tile and all the other letters will be yours. one letter addition could change the whole world.

Scrabble letters arranged on a game board.

Find Suffixes And Prefixes.

Likewise, make a note of any prevalent word endings or starts to add to future plays. Words like ISH, ED, ING, ER, ANTI, UN, IN, RE, and CO are a few instances.

Add The Letter S

Do not waste S, even though it is the easiest add-on. When asked about the greatest letters in the set, elite Scrabble player Barry Grossman told the Telegraph that “S,” along with “E,” is the joint best of the four.

Take Note Of These Unique QU-Less Terms.

Though it may seem like a curse at the time, drawing the Q is an incredible help. Ten points make a big difference! Avoid using a U by combining it with one of the following acceptable words or their plurals: The words MBAQANGA, QINDAR, QINTAR, QWERTY, QABALAH, QAT, QADI, QAID, TRANQ, QABALA, and QINDAR are all interrelated.

Only Use The Blank Tiles To BINGO. 

For BINGO, you must use just the empty tiles. Scrabble fan Justin Meyers says that you shouldn’t waste the two wildcards that come in each bag because they are freebies. His recommendation? Make a BINGO, a word that requires all seven of your tiles, using them as a foundation.

Leadership Of The Board To Open Or Close.

By expanding the board with long words, you can create additional opportunities for bonus squares. Make sure you don’t offer your opponent a start. The use of parallels is also effective in preventing other players from constructing large words, which is useful if you tend to draw low-value letters.

Only Throw It Out If Necessary

In Scrabble, you can trade tiles for your turn, but there’s no assurance that you’ll receive a better set in return. Typically, you’ll have more success playing words with two or three letters.

Scrabble board with letter tiles arranged on it.

Learn New Languages

A large number of foreign terms have also been added to the official Scrabble lexicon, while the majority of the English language is fair game. 

Make Smart Challenges

You can win a lot of money by disputing another player’s word if you know your dictionary inside and out. Your opponent loses a turn if you’re correct, and you lose a turn if you’re incorrect. If you play unusual or foreign terms, other players can be tricked into challenging you.

Use More Alphabet

Turnover, as cliche as it may be, is the key to scoring points. You have 100 letter tiles in each bag, so your opponents will have more to work with as you use them.

Four Scrabble tips: Utilize high-value tiles, seek bonus squares, plan ahead for longer words, use prefixes/suffixes for quick scoring.

Aim To Commit Words That Do Not Contain Vowels To Memory

Ugh, you drew nothing but consonants. Any vowel on the board can be played, although utterances such as MM, SH, HMM, BRR, GRR, PFFT, and PSST also have weight.

Keep A Record Of Letters.

Keeping track of the tiles that are still playable is essential if you wish to progress. By utilizing what is left, you can devise a strategy that will grant you an advantage in the latter stages of the game. 

Get This Done First.

Your last approach will determine the outcome if the lead is decided at the last minute. When a player utilizes their final letter, the game is over. An enormous bonus awaits the victor:

Fast Play Of Valuable Letters.

At any point in the game, this is crucial for generating turnovers, but it shines in the last minutes. If you aren’t the first to finish, your final score will be reduced by the amount of letters you didn’t play.

Play In Multiple Games

Aside from picking up some new vocabulary, you’ll get a glimpse of their strategies. Improving your talents in this way is also the most enjoyable. Even if you lose badly in the first game, you shouldn’t give up. Scrabble relies on chance and losing can be the surest path to success if you want to improve your game.

Don’t Always Choose The First Good Play

It’s not a good idea to pick the first solid play you come across. Make it a habit to pause after a successful play to consider whether there is a better one waiting for you.

Find Outstanding Parallel Plays. 

You can’t utilize this tip until you know the lists of two- and three-letter words. It is occasionally feasible to generate multiple two- or three-letter words simultaneously by playing one lengthy word parallel to another long word. 


These tips are for you if you appreciate Scrabble but don’t want to get too intense about it. It is not necessary to commit to memory every lengthy word or maintain a record of each letter employed. Conversely, these are straightforward tactics for novice players seeking to improve their performance slightly. However, two recommendations are crucial; therefore, do not disregard them!

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