What Is An Anagram? Explain It With Examples

A pencil lies next to a partially visible crossword puzzle with the text "anagrams explained" overlaid, featuring an icon suggestive of an anagram generator tool.

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When we arrange the letters of one word and create a new one, this is called anagram. An anagram can develop either from a single word or even the entire sentence. 

Though it can seem difficult at first, understanding the meaning of anagrams does get simpler with practice. Anagram recognition will get easier and easier for you as your language and linguistic skills improve, especially with shorter words and phrases.

Adding further complexity to anagrams is the practice of switching the letters of different phrases. In Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, for example, a pivotal scene occurs when Tom Marvolo Riddle reveals to Harry Potter that his name, “Tom Marvolo Riddle,” is an anagram of “I am Lord Voldemort.”

Examples Of Anagrams

Three-letter anagrams

  • “dog” and “god”
  • “arm” and “ram”
  • “top” and “pot”

Four-letter anagrams

  • east” and “seat”
  • “taco” and “coat”
  • “live” and “evil”

Five-letter anagrams

  • smart” and “trams”
  • “Angel” and “Angle”
  • “lemon” and “melon”

Six-letter anagrams

  • “listen” and “silent”
  • “actors” and “castor”
  • “cinema” and “iceman”

Seven-letter anagrams

  • “converse” and “conserve”
  • “changed” and “exchanged”
  • “stealer” and “realest”

Eight-letter anagrams

  • “triangle” and “integral”
  • “listened” and “delinets”
  • “terraced” and “retraced”

Nine-letter anagrams

  • “direction” and “redaction”
  • “teardrops” and “restored”
  • “adjectives” and “dejectivas”

What Are Anagram Rules?

In some strict definitions, there are rules while creating an anagram. Like, all the letters from the original word must be used to create a new one. Additionally, letters can be arranged in any edict to create a new word. 

According to the majority of rigorous definitions, an anagram can only be considered legitimate if every letter from the original word or phrase appears exactly once in the new version.

For example, the feed is not the same as the fed in anagram. However, they both have the same words but still, it does not create an anagram because of the lesser use of E in “fed”. 

Furthermore, there is no restriction in creating an anagram that is a phrase by using the letters. For example, 

  • Astronomer = moon starer
  • Mummy = my mom
  • Shakespeare= seek a phrase

You can also do the opposite. Like choosing a phrase and converting it into a one-word thing. For example.

  • I am not active = vacation time
  • The classroom schoolmaster


In the third century BCE, people used anagrams to come up with strange, important, and secret names. They are still used today, in both everyday speech and writing. Anagrams are a simple game that can be played for fun or to keep your brain sharp.